It's Here! The K4BCG / BACG Web Site!

Ok! So, the old URL / link seems like a pretty long URL, and the old server hosting suffered a catastrophic disk failure from which it did not recover. So, here is the new site, with our much shorter (not to mention way cooler!) URL leveraging the group call sign - K4BCG. Thanks for dropping by to check it out, It is a work in progress at this point, but we're going to be working on it, and believe it'll be worth it for you to come back and check it out from time to time. If you're a member of BACG and haven't yet registered for an account, please do so with the link to request a new account near the bottom of the login credential area to the left. Happy 2015 with a wish for much ham radio fun!


Mike - KG4Y


Can we change the highlighted text from light green to another color...I am old and I can't read the text. Do I see age discrimination here? Are you taking advantage of me? Wait until Saturday!!

Adam Mendelson's picture

I will see what I can do about the link colors for you.

Kevin Gaukel's picture

Very glad I came today.  OK - I lost several hours of operating CQ WPX RTTY, but I think my time was better spent with you guys.  Hope to see you again soon.


Kevin - WB0POH

PS - I'll have to fix the picture - it's sideways for some reason.

Be nice to have phone numbers of members.  Doughnuts are on me Sat..  Jim