KG4Y/R 70CM Repeater On-The-Air

Just a quick note - some of you know that I got a UHF repeater pair coordinated, and purchased a Yaesu Fusion repeater to put on the air from here at my house. I don't expect it has a great footprint, but I wanted to invite you all to try it out if you have 70 CM FM and / or C4FM Fusion capability. The repeater output is 444.550 MHz, fixed FM out. The input is + 5 MHz up, with a PL of 146.2 Hz required. I had originally configured the repeater to transmit the PL tone on the output, but I got feedback that people were hearing some sort of AC hum on the signal coming from the repeater. When I turned the output tone off, the hum went away, and the audio sounded sharper. Since the repeater is operating fixed FM output, there's no pressing need to have the repeater transmit PL on the output. I imagine that I'll learn a bit from you all, and will be happy to hear your feedback on your experiences with this repeater. As I gain some knowledge and experience about operating this machine, I may pursue moving it to a different location to improve the coverage footprint. For now, I'm just wanting to see how it covers from here at the house. Feel free to try it out!