Field Day 2015

June 27 and 28th of 2015 the Blue Avalanche Communications Group proceed with the first club run at Field Day, operating under our new call sign of K4BCG.  Field day is meant specifically for taking the time to operate outside of the normal and learn from the challenges of putting a station on the air.  With that in mind the K4BCG did a lot of learning and has many lessons learned for Field Day 2016.  Inspite of early on air challenges we ran as 3E and racked up 1086 QSO's.  Field Day 2015 at K4BCG cannot go without special mention to our star CW operater Kevin WB0POH who racked up the points like crazy. 

I think it goes without saying that everyone who participated in Field Day 2015 at K4BCG had a great experience, worked hard and racked up the contacts.  Jim KK4SQY was the chef for the weekend and like always we had a bunch of hungry mouthes to feed, on behalf of all in attendance we are very thankful for keeping us well fed.  

Soon it will be time to plan Field Day 2016!